Did you know that in Malaysia there are more than 20 million prepaid mobile phone users?
If everbody reload MYR 30 every month, that is MYR 600 million!
Now, you may be wondering how you can generate some cash from this business.
In case you are looking for more extra income,
the following will be one of the most essential message you find in 2015.

This isn’t for you, in the event that:

  • You aren’t a cell phone user.
  • You don’t wish to make extra side earnings without having to stopout of your day-to-day job.
  • You are searching for making money fast pyramid scheme. This plan is simple yet still require you to work hard throughout your free time in the beginning.
In case any of the three points match you,
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With the above said, it's worth pointing out that.
Tone Excel Plan is probably the best affiliate program in all of Malaysia.

Many people don’t like to promote MLM programs because many require high investments and the products tend to be non-compulsory.

However, this plan is a bit different, and if you haven’t heard of it, then you should know that it is powered by Tune-Talk and there are many benefits it has to offer.

With that said, here are a few things you should know about the company and their plan.

Why Is This Plan Different?
BIG Potential Earnings

Make sales ones and receive recurring earnings. Top-up commission payment is recurring earnings and may last for many years so long as they stick with the mobile plan.

Easy to Scale BIG

No physical item necessity to ship each month (except the sim card). You can choose to promote offline (Traditional way) or on-line quickly through internet search engine as well as social network.

The 5th Essentials Elements

Mobile device/phone is the 5th essentials elements after house, transport, outfit and food. Everybody requires to spend on mobile package on a monthly basis. In contrast to other Multi-level marketing product, where one can leave it at any time.

BIG Potential Prepaid Users

The latest report shows that tone excel has close to one million users. But there are still potential of nineteen million potential prepaid users.

We aren’t going to list more reasons here as there will be more facts like no stockist needed, low investment and etc.


How Much Cash Can You Make?
Some people earn next to nothing, but then there are others make six-figures or five-figures on a monthly basis, but your income is really determined by how many customers you get.


Let’s discuss how many users you can introduce to use the plan.



First if you get someone on the plan and they get some people to jump aboard in level 2 and then those people get users, then you could be earning around MYR 525 per month.


If every person under you ends up getting 10 users, then you could earn around MYR 4020 per month.
Is It An MLM Scam?

At first glance it may look like an MLM scam, but the truth is that:

Tone Excel has been in the industry for more than five years

the LPKPM has certified them

It has four unique pros compare with other plans

They have a strong background

There are many testimonials praising the company

It even shows up in TV2!

So you can rest assure that it is a real opportunity with real earning potential.

Is It Hard To get 10 Users!

Yes, it’s difficult in case you do not have the right marketing approaches.

Just think about the number of family members or friends you can ask to sign up this program.

If you wish to grow as large as possible, you must look outside your immediate community.  Start searching on the 19 million prepaid mobile users who originate from various ages, locations and background.

I am Tone Excel Member But Not Having Much Success
One of the reasons why you might not have had success or currently experiencing success with ToneExcel is because of the marketing strategies you are using.


Don’t go around begging people to join.

Simply ask people to join, but just remember that this isn’t really enough.


What’s Next?


Join some Facebook groups. Also, post messages in blog posts you publish and take part on WeChat to attract leads?


These aren’t completely wrong but definitely not efficient.
The Perfect Solution
We define new marketing approaches which can target huge audience quickly apart from the traditional approach.


To be honest, there are plenty of people out there promoting the Tone Excel plan. However, most of them will only want to sell you the product, and then offer you no help after that.

Those companies and people don’t have the marketing experience and wisdom to help you grow. While there are many great tips and tricks websites as well as videos out there, nothing really goes together so it’s up to you to put everything together into something sensible. This is really difficult.


We’re here because we understand how difficult things can be.


That’s why we offer you a solution. We will give you the Sim card, marketing strategies and the affiliate website that you need to get more clients.


The solution is quite easy to understand and beginners should be able to use this solution.

Why are we sharing our strategies?

The truth is that this is an affiliate program with an MLM element to it

This means that everyone succeeds when they have a strong team working together.


Sharing is a wonderful method to achieve success and also to expand a business, particularly a business which has a multi level marketing element on it.
What do you get from us?
ToneExcel WOW Sim Card

One (1) WOW ToneExcel Sim Card which is powered by Tune Talk. It costs RM 95.4 and come with RM 30 credit value within the sim card.

Professional Marketing Material

Professional design pictures and material that you can use in online marketing such as FB Ads and FB Page.

Awesome Affiliate Website

A professional affiliate website in Malay and English with unique features such as email auto-responder, keep your ID and info even your leads revisit your site, SEO optimized with random assigned potential customer to your ID.

E-Book – Ultimate Guide

A  e-book that you can learn and share with your members about best strategies from start to end. It gather the best learning resources for offline and online marketing strategies to help you get more customers.

How much does it cost?

Purchasing the Sim Card from us costs RM 100.

The WOW Sim-Card on it’s own costs MYR 95.40 which include MYR 30 value.

The delivery fee to any location in Malaysia cost MYR 4.60.

You will able to retrieve the marketing cheat sheet and affiliate website (English and Malay) for FREE! if you sign up here.

Now is the time to join if you are serious about making money.
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