About Tone Excel

The Story Behind Tone Excel Group

Tune Group Sdn Bhd (25.1%) and Celcom Axiata Berhad (35.1%) own more than 60.1% of Tune Talk. The collaboration between Celcom Group and Tune Group meant a lot for the telecommunication industry in Malaysia. The move was so huge that it brought two of the biggest telecommunication companies in the country to facilitate a more revolutionary and innovative approach for mobile communications.

Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd.

Tone Excel is the latest entry into the telecommunication market in Malaysia. They came in with extensive experience in insurance, financial services and network marketing. They plan to develop their own strategies and create novel channels that would help them generate revenue in the industry. The company reached an agreement with Tune Talk on February 10th, 2010 that helped offer financial freedom to each mobile user in Malaysia. Their agreement led to creating the WOW SIM, which is considered the missing link for the companies to achieve their corporate goals.

Company Vision

Tune Talk plans to provide their loyal customers with a passive income tool through their new SIM card, which will help their clients generate additional revenue. The company hopes that this additional income will be used to cope with the continuous rise in the cost of living in the country. In fact, this tool will allow these people to be financially free one day in their life.

Company Mission

  • To develop a new business platform that would offer income generation opportunities to all their clients, especially clients with a prepaid SIM.
  • To provide opportunities for their clients to earn additional income in order to cope with the rising cost of living in the country..


Tone Excel Sdn Bhd is in Partnership (Rakan Niaga) with Board Consumer Protection and Welfare (Lembaga Pelindung & Kebajikan Pengguna).

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