Receive Insurance Coverage, Cash Back, Top-up Commissions, and Many More Bonuses


Once you become a part of the Tone Excel company, you’ll receive the following benefits:

The benefits overview

Passive Commissions For Recurring Top-ups

The Tone Excel WOW Community With Three Levels of Referrals

The payout system for the WOW Community program has a structured referral system that is described below.

potential income


The Fast Track Bonus

When you get a sponsored referral, expect to get a RM 20 Fast Track Bonus. This is available to Tone Excel Members only.

earn fast track bonus

The Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for the benefits listed, participants must have a registered SIM card with Tunetalk and Tone Excel.
  • Further, the SIM card must have been activated. In addition, it must have been used to make at least one phone call and one text message. The SIM card should have had a top up of RM 30.
  • Take Note: A fine of RM 100 will be imposed for each inactivated SIM card registered to the service centers or branch.
  • Any changes to the SIM registration will cost RM 20.


The Monthly Lucky Draw

Since January of 2011, Tone Excel has been conducting a lucky draw on a monthly basis. Our members enjoy this aspect of the service. Twenty winners are chosen every month. Each receives a cash prize totaling RM 200.

  • To qualify for entry into the monthly drawing, members must have at least RM 80.
  • In addition, the member’s mobile line must be in a current active state.
  • All results should be considered final.
  • The lucky drawing is done on the tenth day of each month.
  • Tone Excel posts a list of each month’s winners on the website.
  • Not everyone is qualified to be entered into the drawing. Shareholders, staff, and family members are prohibited from entering the drawing.

The Cash Back Program

Get 7% Cash Back

Individual accounts have an auto reload feature. This started in August 2014.

What is involved in auto reload? Once you sign up and authorize auto reload, your account will be able to your commission from the top ups to cover the cost of your own monthly top up.

Terms And Conditions For Auto Reload:-

  • The minimum amount of top up for a member is RM 50.
  • The minimum amount of top up commission earned by the member for the month must be RM 100.
  • To enable auto reload, the member must have subscribed to the service no later than the fifth day of that month.
  • When the auto reload accounts are RM 100 at a minimum, all bank charges are waived.

Get 3% Cash Back

  • To qualify, your monthly top up must reach RM 30.

There are terms and conditions that apply.


Qualify for Coverage Of RM 100,000 In A Personal Accident Plan

You must top up a minimum of RM 50 on a monthly basis to qualify for the free RM 100,000 personal accident insurance plan.


  • As of March 1, 2024, the criteria listed above must be fulfilled to qualify for any personal accident insurance coverage. However, members should keep in mind that if they top up RM 50 in one month, they can get the free coverage during the next month.
  • Top ups from one month prior form the basis for the insurance coverage for the current month. For example, in July I topped up for RM 50. In August, I can get free personal accident insurance if I sign up and meet all criteria.
  • Coverage remains in effect from the first day of the month all the way through to the last day of that same month.

Tune Talk reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without giving notice.

Top Ups Now Earn BIG Points

As of October of 2013, members have the opportunity to earn BIG Points for member top ups from Tune Talk.

earn big point
The BIG Points that members earn from Tone Excel can be cashed in for tickets at Air Asia. The chances of earning Air Asia BIG points remains in effect as long you continue to reach your quota for top ups.

To find out more, you can call customer care service at Tune Talk at 03-79490000 or 13100 from your phone. The email address is