3 Simple Steps to Get You Started With Tone Excel

  • Get the Tone Excel SIM Card And Start Using It

    Order your Tone Excel Plan SIM card for just RM 95.4. Delivery costs just RM 4.6 more. Decide if you want to get a new phone number. You can keep the number you currently have, if you prefer. Once you receive your SIM card, it will already be loaded with RM 30 worth of credits. These can be used for mobile data, SMS, or calls.

  • Register Your SIM Card. Follow Up By Activating It.

    Once you have your SIM card, you’ll need to register it under us and follow the steps to activate it. To gain access to our private area, notify us right away. Your prepaid calls, data, and SMS will remain available to you. However, you will receive your membership ID.


  • Begin Your Promotion Of The Tone Excel Plan

    Create your affiliate site (only free for those who join via www.wowtoneexcel.com.my) and follow our offline & online marketing strategies to promote the Tone Excel plan. As you grow, take advantage of the sales approaches we provide to increase the size of your customer base.

There is a one time only RM 20 fast track bonus when you get your sign a customer on. You will be paid a percentage-based commission based upon your customers’ continued use of their SIM cards and credit purchases.