A Prepaid Mobile Plan That Make Money

This Sim card works quite similar to all other Sim cards offered by telecommunication companies in the country. It is operated by Tune Talk through the Celcom network. Users can purchase the Sim cars from the company’s online store, service centers or its branches. The card is valued at RM 95.40 and comes with a credit value of RM 30.

This Sim card differs from its rivals due to the numerous benefits and great saving opportunities offered by it. Users are paid when they refer a new customer to buy the card, and when they load credits to the account. You can avail yourself for this opportunity when you register and activate your Tune Talk account.

SMS rate/Line and Call

The Sim runs with the new Tune Talk line, which is a product of the partnership between Celcom and Tune Excel. Here are their call rates and SMS rates:

tone excel call rates

Please check out: http://www.tonegroup.net:8080/toneexcel/rates.php for latest rate and details.

Reload Validity

Reload RM 05 – validity is for 5 days
Reload RM 10 – validity is for 11 days
Reload RM 30 – validity is for 30 days
Reload RM 50 – validity is for 50 days

Where to Top-up

Here are the designated top-up locations for all our Tone Excel members. Ask for the “Tune Talk Top-up” when making your purchase. Make sure you specify the number of credits you require.

top-up location

Below are the banking partners of our company. All Tone Excel members can purchase credits through their ATM’s or e-banking services.

top-up bank

You can also purchase through our “Tune Talk Self-care” network.

The Expired Duration Of The Sim Card

There is a 45-day expiration period for our members who have not reloaded their SIM card. If your Sim card is expired, this means you cannot get your number back, and you will not receive any commissions from the down-line connected to that number/SIM.