Why Sign Up Here?

To be honest, there are plenty of people out there promoting the Tone Excel plan. However, most of them will only want to sell you the product, and then offer you no help after that.

Those companies and people don’t have the marketing experience and wisdom to help you grow. While there are many great tips and tricks websites as well as videos out there, nothing really goes together so it’s up to you to put everything together into something sensible.

This is really difficult.

We’re here because we understand how difficult things can be. That’s why we offer you a solution. We will give you the Sim card, as well as the marketing strategies in the affiliate website that you need to get more visitors.


What Do We Give You?

ToneExcel WOW Sim Card

One (1) WOW ToneExcel Sim Card which is powered by Tune Talk. It costs RM 95.4 and come with RM 30 credit value within the sim card.

Professional Marketing Material

Professional design pictures and material that you can use in online marketing such as FB Ads and FB Page.

Awesome Affiliate Website

A professional affiliate website in Malay and English with unique features such as email auto-responder, keep your ID and info even your leads revisit your site, SEO optimized with random assigned potential customer to your ID.

E-Book – Ultimate Guide

A  e-book that you can learn and share with your members about best strategies from start to end. It gather the best learning resources for offline and online marketing strategies to help you get more customers.

You will able to retrieve the marketing cheat sheet and affiliate website (English and Malay) for FREE if you sign up here.